Do what you Love

I’m Asian.  East-Indian to be exact.  Stereotypical I know, but people of my background are typically ‘prodded’ into one of three fields – medicine, engineering, or law.  If you’re not in one of these fields, our society has typically looked down upon you.  I’m oversimplifying…there’s certainly outliers.  But, generically speaking, I’ve found this to be true.  I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to make my path.  My father’s a physician.  He specifically told me when I was young that medicine was a hard road and that I should do it only if I really want to.  It’s not for everyone and he wanted to make sure I would be happy with my professional career.

People of my descent don’t always follow their hearts and do something they truly love.  To be sure, there are folks who want to be engineers, lawyers and doctors.  I’m one of them.  But I see a lot of people who really don’t.  This is especially true of the healthcare profession, in my honest opinion.  I think it has to do with the amount of effort and time that goes into becoming a doctor.  You have to work very hard from start to finish, non-stop over a very long period of time.  It’s easy to lose motivation through the process, especially when your heart’s not in it.

There’s a really great film made in India called 3 Idiots that I think everyone who has or will have children should watch.  It’s a fantastically well done movie that showcases the beauty of letting kids do what they want in their life and the harsh reality of condemning them down a path they really have no business going down.

If you don’t love what you do, it’ll show.  To your boss, your colleagues, your family, and, eventually, to you.  Maybe you won’t mind it because other parts of your life are very rewarding.  Maybe you won’t mind because you don’t spend a lot of time working.  I do (minimum of 60 hours a week, 45 weeks a year, that’s almost 50% of awake time a year by itself).  This is not an exact science, and it will likely take some time to hone in and find the right fit.  That’s okay too.  Keep heading towards that direction.  I always knew that I wanted to be technical since early days working in Silicon Valley.  But, it was finding the right blend of technical and business in product management that gave me a really rewarding work life that translated to better overall quality of life.

Now for the next episode…making sure I don’t work too much and continue to have a non-work life.  🙂

PS: There are a lot of resources available if you need help finding your passion.  Simple google searches can give you a head start.  Contact me if you need some help.


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