Effective Meetings

In my experience, an effective meeting is one in which every attendee leaves understanding what needs to be done.  It doesn’t matter if the meeting is 15 minutes long or a working session that spans 2 working days.

A lot of people dread going to meetings, primarily because they see it as a time where a bunch of people get together, talk but do nothing.  I’ve attended some pretty poorly planned meetings myself, and the key takeaways / lessons learned are:

  1. People need to know why they are there.
  2. Everyone needs to be level set so they have a common understanding of the discussion.
  3. Even in a healthy 30 minute discussion, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s said or decided.  Someone needs to be taking notes and provide a concise summary at the end.

Often times, people walk out of a meeting with either no clue what the point of meeting was or no clear resolution.  Addressing the 3 points above helped me.  Hope this helps you!


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