Get the job done

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy working for startups.  The thrill of the unknown coupled with uncertainty…oh it’s certainly challenging sometimes, but I enjoy that. 🙂

One thing you have to do at a startup though, regardless of your role, is just “get the job done.”  I’m not talking about the role you were hired for – “Responsibilities for your job are to …blah…blah…blah.”  No, your responsibility list is the following at a startup – “Get the job done…oh, and while you’re at it, do anyone else’s job while you’re at…especially if the job doesn’t have a body to it.”

But that comes with consequences.  You’ll step on toes and butt heads with people whose opinions and approaches you don’t agree with.

Too bad.  It comes with the territory.  There is a job that has to get done.  Part of the reason you’re in the role you’re in, doing what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, is because you bring something to the table.  So bring it…learn while you’re there, and then continue to bring more to the table.

Be persistent through the negativity and through the hardship.  In the end, your heart is (well should be) in the right place – you want to make the company, and everyone you work with, a success.

Keep on it.


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