Power of Free

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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a few different technology conferences.  While I enjoyed all of them immensely, I can’t help but note how far some companies will go to push their technology adoption.

I attended Citrix’s Synergy, Microsoft TechEd and Google I/O this year and each of them showcased a variety of very cool and interesting technology (in most cases, hardware and software) in the various keynotes.

Simple Google searches will point you to those specific announcements.

However, there’s nothing more powerful than seeing some pretty amazing demos and product offerings in a keynote and then getting the actual technology in your hands for free.  At Google I/O, I was able to walk away with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus Q, Google Nexus 7, and Samsung Chromebox.

Many people immediately started charging these devices day 1.  With some of my prior commitments, I had to wait until I got home from the conference before I could bust out the toys and go to town.  I charged all the devices the first night I got back and started playing with them first thing in the morning.

It’s a shame the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t come with a micro sim to regular sim adapter or else my screen-cracked iPhone 4S would be history and I would be fully android/chrome.

The Galaxy 7 is amazing.  Fast, auto-updated, variety of apps, Chrome syncing, ahh, the list goes on.  It’s about the size of my Amazon Kindle but a bit heavier.  However, I don’t notice it much and have already got some of favorite apps on it along with Chrome Sync.  Now I can play first hand with the latest stuff from Jelly Bean on my G7.

The Nexus Q and Chromebook are next on my list to play with.  I can’t wait.  Google did it right.  They got their tech in my hands so that they can convert me.  I already heard from others at the conference who said they were sold on Android and Chrome by just watching the keynotes.  Having the tech and using it immediately cements that decision.

Bravo Google.


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