Chrome Bet

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The title says it all.  I’m really hoping Google get’s it right with Chrome.  They’re building an OS that can permeate your life – from mobile with phones, tablets and laptops to work spaces with Chromebox, and Chrome browser with all the interesting features to your how you consume media with Nexus Q.

Each of these, with respect to the Google intellectual property and capabilities (not speaking about Android here), could use some maturation.  Google’s clearly trying to redefine how the internet and our devices interact together to make our lives more convenient and entertaining.  There’s always room for improvement though.  Let’s look at some of the devices I have.

Nexus 7 Tablet

Let me just say, this is one device that is really friggin’ awesome.  Form factor, it’s great.  Screen and processing power, pretty awesome.  Battery life…well, I’m charging once a day with regular use, so not too shabby.

But I’d really love a kickstand.  I can’t count how many times I’ve tried already to prop this think up in my lap, on the table, on the bed, etc with whatever I have around me.  I’ll need to get a case now to fill this gap, which I was really avoiding because the form factor is the key reason I have so much use for this device.  It literally fits in my back pocket! (err, be careful when you sit down).

I wish there was an SD slot so I could add to the storage on the device.  So much easier to push and pull images/videos and such to and from the device (and thereby to the internet with all my apps).

I want a micro HDMI port.  The Q is helpful in getting stuff from my tablet on my tv.  But, I want flexibility to clone my screen on a tv, or through a projector when I’m traveling or visiting friends.  Asus does this already.


I don’t want Display ports.  I want HDMI.  I’m using this with my TV.  I don’t care about using it as a proper computer.  I want to get out of this what you’ll see below I can’t get out of my Q.

I also don’t want to have to buy my HDMI cable, Displayport to HDMI adapter, wireless Keyboard and wireless mouse separately.  They are should not be cost-prohibitive to include day 1.  The manual alludes to Samsung providing them in future iterations.  I’m still waiting for all this gear so I haven’t been able to play with this extensively yet but I’m liking the 4GB of RAM and the processing power (initially anyway).  Seems like this one is very close.

Nexus Q

God I don’t want to be limited to Youtube and Google Play.  I want to play anything I can on my Android device (which is what must use to control the Q), including Netflix, streamed video in Chrome browser from a variety of web sources (Vimeo, lectures posted on a website, etc), and music from Spotify, Saavn, etc to name a few.

I also want a generic remote mode for my Android device when I’m controlling my Q.  The Q and Android device (phone or tablet) do a great job of sharing media such that Q loads the content directly from the internet instead of proxy-ing through the Android controller.  But, it has no remote control capability of its own…which is fine.  But I shouldn’t have to unlock my Android device, go back to Google Play (or Youtube) to pause my media.  Instead, I want a low power consumption app that I can quickly access on any Android device connected to my Q (not just the device that originally sent the media to Q) that can perform such actions as Pause, Start, FF, RW and Volume Up / Down.  I mean, let’s not get too ’80s.  Minus the cord, this is exactly the feature set I’m talking about:

I think this one has a ways to go.  My bet though is that all of this stuff can be resolved through software, so I’m really hoping my current Q will be able to do all of this in future iterations.  Having to buy a new Q device to get some of this stuff will really make me think twice about using this platform in my living room.


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