Guest post: Help CEOs see the value of product management

Good read for identifying product’s performance within the organization. Specifically, look for the symptoms that guide you on the problems product is creating and/or solving across the various departments.


Anton Reut writes…

When I read Steve’s ebook, Product Management Expertise, on the four types of product management skills, I thought to myself (and tweeted) “this is a good framework for CEOs (without product management experience) to evaluate product leaders.” By talking to CEOs, reading blogs, and following product management topics on social media, evaluating product managers is a big challenge for most companies (right behind hiring them). This is especially difficult in companies that have only a few product managers.

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise—most non-product managers have a hard time articulating what product management does, much less a way of evaluating it. In their defense, it’s often easier to see signs of success (or failure) in other parts of the organization:

Engineering/project management— “Are we making dates?” “Are the launches high quality with few bugs?”
Marketing— “Are we increasing leads/customers/traffic?”
Sales— “Is revenue increasing?” “Are we…

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