Interview questions

I’ve been in so many interviews and conducted so many where I’ve walked away shaking my head that I wanted to share an important point – ASK QUESTIONS!  If you are an interviewer – be able to ask good questions and leave plenty of time to let the interviewee ask questions.  And then ANSWER them!  If you’re an interviewee – you have to ask good questions to help convey you want the job.

A few good questions to always keep in mind that I’ve particularly liked:

Questions to HR:

What benefits do you have?  Really the heart of this question is to understand what your compensation package is and how to value it.  Ask details here.

  • Do you have a 401k?
  • Do you get an employee match?
  • How much is it?
  • Who manages the 401k?
  • What benefits does a spouse or child get (medical / dental / vision)?
  • What about short-term and long-term disability?
  • Life insurance policy?
  • Relocation assistance (if applicable)?

Part of your compensation will likely be equity in the company.

  • How many stock options would I get?
  • How should I evaluate them?
  • What is the current strike price?
  • When was the last round of investment?
  • How much money is left in the bank?
  • How many outstanding shares are there?
  • Is there a profit sharing plan?
  • What does that look like?

Questions to your Manager:

What kind of manager are you?  When I’m either interviewing my to-be manager or looking for a new job, I want to know who I am working for.  No, I’m not trying to understand my employer.  This is about establishing rapport with my direct supervisor.

  • Is s/he a micro-manager?
  • Does s/he delegate all the work or do they partner with their team to enable them for success?
  • How will they facilitate your growth, professionally and personally, in the company?
  • How will they help you get visibility across the organization?

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