Is there value in unlearning what we do for the first 22 odd years of our life?  Penelope Trunk thinks so.

I’m not so sure I find as little value as she does in the traditional tools that help children develop intellectually.

From my own experience, I started off as a poor student until I got the assistance and focus from private education.  From there, I was taught how to reason, how to apply effort in structured ways to meet societal norms around consuming information and sharing my own ideas and innovation.  These concepts spanned mathematics, science, literature, history, and economics.  (note, no geography 🙂 but that’s another topic).

I can’t 1. imagine being able to unlearn that and 2. I think these tools have their place.  Certainly there are pieces that I don’t disagree with, namely grading systems and rewards for completing your homework.

What do you think?


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